Because of how inexpensive it was, and the small size of the package, I bought a Raspberry Pi 400 from Canadian re-seller The news of its release jumpstarted my interest in the Raspberry Pi, and the 40-pin GPIO header means I can connect a lot of of what I’ve discussed on this site and my humble Arduino mission accomplishments site.

I watched Jeff Geerling’s teardown of the Raspberry Pi 400 as soon as I could, but it was his unboxing and review that sold me on it, especially how easy it was to connect to a TV. That immediately resolved the issue of which display I’d connect it to, and it would make use of the HDMI switch that has gone heretofore unused.

As a result of renewed interest in the Raspberry Pi computing platform, I’ve refreshed the site, converting it from Harp to Jekyll. The temptation to host on GitHub pages was strong, but I want more flexibility with this site, including plugins and web server redirects and URL slugs. I’m looking forward to more Raspberry Pi adventures and documenting them here!